I'm a korean drama addict. I think i realised that when I keep spending the most of my life watching those.. =]] <br /><br />drama before studies lol <br /><br />anyways.. <br /><br />i like watching animes mainly bleach and naruto, dramas: korean mostly, filipino, taiwanese and a bit of japanese. <br /><br />My hobbies are watching korean dramas, singing, dancing, painting and sometimes reading. I like bonding with people a lot. <br /><br />My dream is to maintain being me, to go on a cruise with my friendships and again with my parents. Mmm.. what i want to be is kept within my closest relationships =P <br /><br />My favourite place in the world is Disney Land.. call me childish but I think its one of the most wonderful place in the world.. it seems to be the place where innocence is not taken away. <br /><br />If I'm given a chance to choose super powers.. i'll choose the power to be able to stop time, go back in time, fly and read people's minds. Its cool =]] <br /><br />