I have Aspergers Syndrome (a mild form of autism) that makes me very good at some things, and very bad at other things, so theres no middle of the road with me. <br />In 2006 the state put me on a fixed income ($ 1800 a month), due to my chances of finding work, my age and my syndrome considering. <br />In the past I went to college, studying litterature and language. I dropped out when I got a job as DJ, playing 50s - 60s music. <br />It made a living for me through the 80s. From the 80s and onward I only was a DJ once a week, now playing 70s and 80s music. Stopped as a Dj in 2001, except for a couple times a year. <br />Other jobs I have had includes gravedigger, multimedia graphics & working with mentally handicapped, which I still do on a voluntary basis (25 hours a week). <br />I my spare time, I sit in front of the computer, making music & videomontages. Spend time with family and friends. Me and my brother go to a lot of concerts. <br />I play bass and guitar, but dont get to do it much more. Every Friday I practice with a band of mentally handicapped, thats all. We are not very good, but have lots of fun. <br />