Adam Waters

These videos detail my fat loss journey taking place in real time at my blog. I post daily picture updates to hold myself externally accountable. I do this because I never want to go back to my previous depressed and obese state. <br /><br />I am also doing this because I hope to inspire and inform anyone out there on a fat loss journey that you can turn your life around in a short period of time. Depending on where you are starting from, sometimes as little as 12 weeks is enough as it was for me in Mission 1. <br /><br />IMPORTANT: <br /><br />NO steroids, <br />NO supplements, <br />NO secret workout routines <br />NO magic bullets <br />NO shortcuts <br /><br />If you do want to find out more about my insights into mindset, training and nutrition check out my blog listed below. <br /><br />I have documented every day of this journey on my blog. You can start at "Day 1" and read every single day, this will not cost you a penny. <br /><br />Please check there first before asking me questions about training and nutrition. I am a certified personal trainer BUT I still have a full-time job not related to fitness so my time is extremely limited. <br /><br />Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT <br /><br />Eat Clean, <br />Shred Hard, <br />Think BIG! <br />