Adam Cooper-Terán

Adam Cooper-Terán is a video artist from Tucson, AZ, mostly known for his work with Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Theater Company. A self-taught animator & self-proclaimed auteur, Adam’s growing body of video art incorporates a diverse range of mediums, including the Internet, to create imagery that is anything but conventional. <br /><br />His videos are relatively new to the public, but have appeared across Arizona at venues such as the Mesa Arts Center, Tucson Convention Center, Nimbus Brewery, Loft Cinema, and Arcosanti, AZ for major events like El Tour de Tucson (XXIII, XXIV), Tsunmai on the Square, and Tucson's All Souls Procession. <br /><br />Apart from his performances with Flam Chen, Adam has also collaborated on projects with the likes of Not Breathing, Carpetbag Brigade, Bark Bark Bark, Back Ted 'N' Ted, The Mat Bevel Institute, Dambe Project, and Tucson Madonnari. <br /><br />Adam is already planning out several projects for 2007, while still promoting his services as a video animator, designer, and portraitist for hire. Questions, comments, commissions, rants, and requests can be directed to