abubakrsiddiq abdulmuhammad

I,am a student of blackhistory and advocate for my poor people who suffer from bad health unemployment, poverty_absent fathers,poor family structure, blackmen who have been victimized by crime,and poor education,discrimination...<br /><br />I have a spiritual and humane obligation to return and enlighten our less fortunate brothers and sisters. How sad it is, to see us entertaining each other with so much redundancy when there is so much real work waiting to be done.<br />That includes a return to our own spirituality, economics, education and culture, free of interference from anyone. Freedom would also mean a complete return of all our land. Acceptance of less means acceptance of their superior status over us. We have the power but only if we unite globally with all people of colour and not demand, but take back what is naturally ours, by any means. We are the majority population universally, and must not give in to the weakening power of division.<br />We need not look at geographical lines on a map but the blood lines running through our veins. If this is our struggle, we must redefine it totally. We are our worst enemy. Our denial of this is why we do so very little about a workable solution to our own problems. First we must pledge to get up off our asses and hit the streets. Stop trying to convince each other of our beliefs. We all have reached a time where technology has allowed us all the ability to converse and express our views. As black people, we now want to know more facts than we ever have. Some of us keep others on their toes with daily questions concerning our origin, our past and also our future. Our number one concern seems to be how to overcome all of our many problems. Do we stay here or do we go? Do we wait on God or fight this fight alone? Is this a spiritual battle or do we wait on politics?or Is this an intellectual battle.so you see beloved It Is Time to condemn The Lie's and elevate The Truth.