Welcome to these conversations About Ourself. <br /><br />These conversations are here to help our viewers better understand the world around us - so that we might become more successful at work, and more fulfilled in life. <br /><br />The conversations cover a wide variety of problems and opportunities that surround most of us. <br /><br />They penetrate into the deeper hidden factors behind our problems, with which we might be able to overcome these problems. <br /><br />They also show how there are always opportunities hidden behind the problems we face, and suggest ways in which how these opportunities may be found and realized. <br /><br />Most importantly, these conversations show how we and our world are deeply and integrally inter-related as a coherent system - that any of us can use - to take charge of one's career and life. <br /><br />Viewers are encouraged to make comments and ask questions. We will respond to most of these - in future conversations here.