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Dedicated subbing team for Running Man, We Got Married and Invincible Youth. We subtitle other Korean shows too!

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Ika Rie
i really wanna watch Strongheart Kpopstar edition. Please
January by Ika Rie
Eyza Eliya
hello , i know your video are PRIVATE ... but can you sent me link for RUNNING MAN EP 210
October by Eyza Eliya
Kyla Tan
Hello :) Can you please upload Idol Star Athletics Championships 2013 09 03 ?? with eng sub if its ok ^^ Jebalyo :))))) THANK YOU! :))))))))))))))))
Last year by Kyla Tan
Clara Evridana
anyeong..can you please upload EXO's in Beatles Code 130826? Please...i've been dying to watch that with english subs.. :D
Last year by Clara Evridana

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