HeloOw my name iS: <br />- ωhimSy <br />- PuCe <br />- RainBoOw <br />- __BoOw <br />- Bib0ow ( de Bii &lt;3 ) <br />- MaitwesS ( de Chouw ) <br />- Me belle ( de May &lt;3 ) <br />- Little Hope ( de me rockStar ) <br />- Po0uletteuh ( de cocotte ) <br />- Po0tateuh ( de Cocotte ) <br />- Choupette ( de Yuky =p ) <br /><br />J'mord [ presque ] pas. <br /><br />ET BLA BLAA BLAAAAA. <br /><br />★gun's and roses <br />★aerosmith <br />★eagles <br />★beatles <br />★The clash <br />★The Who <br />★Led zep' <br />★Green day <br />★Good charlotte* <br />★Fall out boy <br />★Panic! at the disCo <br />★Bullet for my valentine <br />★ The used <br />★My chemical romance <br />★Breaking benjamin <br />★BB brune <br />★Finch <br />★drop dead gorgeous <br />★from diying skies <br />★Bless the fall <br />