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Watch Grace Weber Perform Her New Song "As Long As I Wander" Watch the videos
Zunigaistheman (TheDoubleZTV)
Zeeland, United States
This is TheDoubleZTV, Zunigaistheman, DoubleZistheman, whatever.

I do report any videos stolen from me, so please be respectful and don't steal anything I upload here.

Missing episodes of Attitude Era Flashback were blocked/rejected.

Blocked Stuff:
-Rock/Angle/Taker Vengeance 02 Promo.
-HHH/Y2J Judgment Day 02 Promo.
-Edge/Taker WM 24
-Orton/Taker Armageddon 05 Promo
-HHH/Goldberg Survivor Series 03 Promo
-Cena/Batista Summerslam 08
-Rock/Taker No Way Out 02 Promo
-Y2J/SCSA No Way Out 02 Promo
-HBK/Flair WM 24
-Batista/Taker Backlash 07
-HHH/Hardy No Mercy 08
-SD Elimination Chamber No Way Out 08
-RKO/Cena Bragging Rights 09 Promo
-HHH/Flair Taboo Tuesday 05
-HBK/Y2J WM 19 Promo
-RKO/Cena No Way Out 08 Promo
-Jeff Hardy/Matt Hardy Backlash 09 Promo
-Cactus Jack/HHH Royal Rumble 00 Promo
-HHH,Batista,Shane/Legacy Backlash 09 Promo
-The Rock Return 6/17/02 Raw
-Cena/Edge Backlash 09 Promo

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Do you have the Evolution opening segment from Raw 10/27/03?
Your new Hardy/HBK match is missing your logo lol
No problem :)
If I haven't already said so, thank you for the awesome uploads.