Hugo Poutet

In my school, I live my passion naturally. <br />I've never taken singing lessons. I've made eight years of music theory in the conservatory. <br />I played also the piano, but I stopped conservatory last year, because I found the teaching too stiff. <br /><br />For three months, I put myself in the guitar. <br />I know three songs : "Come as you are" of Nirvana, "Wonderwall" of Oasis and "Collide" of Howie day but i'm learning other songs like "Hey there delilah" or "Behind blue eyes" <br /><br />But where does this passion for music come from? <br /><br />My father received a classical formation. <br />He is a clarinettist. <br />Thus, when I was younger, I was rocked by the music. Mozart, Puccini, Vivaldi, Strauss that was a part of our usual life. <br /><br />Last Christmas, I wanted to make a present to my grandparents. <br />Then, I recorded a dozen songs on a CD to offer to them. <br />It was only songs in English. <br />The result wasn't too bad, In fact i didn't have a lot of equipement, just the computer. <br /><br />A few weeks later, my father decided to invest in another computer, a microphone and a sound card. <br />So, now I have a real equipment to sing. Since, I've recorded other songs. And there, I have already four new songs on YouTube. <br /><br />My studio is my room. A piano, a guitare, lots of Music books, posters of concert. The space is small but sufficient to have my own studio at home. <br /><br />I continue to live my passion in my room- studio, I spend weeks recording new songs... <br /><br />For the moment. I have some texts, but the music is another matter. I have the impression to play existing melodies. It is necessary to find a new rhythmic etc..