The revolution will not be televised... because TV is dead and no one is watching it anymore.

And why? Because the big networks keep subjecting us to the same old, tired, processed, safe, mediocre programming. Does anyone really want to watch clone 271 of FRIENDS? Or how about CSI: DES MOINES anyone?

Here at our mission is simple. Be original. Be funny.

For too long we've been subjected to the same old network drivel. Bored to tears over television because Network Executives are too afraid to take a risk when it comes the programs they allow you to watch.

We here at Zanzibar19 say, "Pull your balls out of your purse, Network Executives." Zanzibar19's balls are out. In fact, they're in my left hand right now as I write this mission statement to you. What? It helps me think when I juggle my nuts.

So join the revolution with your iPods, your MySpace, your Daily Motion, your boss's broadband connections.

So, coming soon, join us every Wednesday for our show, SNOWMEN HUNTERS . SNOWMEN HUNTERS is funny. It's lewd. It's disgusting and your mother would weep if she knew you were watching. It's our answer to what is lacking in network television. SNOWMEN HUNTERS so funny in fact, that we guarantee you'll drop a deuce in your pants or you get the first season FREE. That's right, at we will NEVER charge you for watching our shows. It's all FREE all the time.

So click over to to watch SNOWMEN HUNTERS. And while you're there, check out all the other free stuff like deleted scenes, trailers for upcoming shows and me...juggling my nuts.

So turn off your TV and turn on "It's not TV. It's good."

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