Zanzibar19 <br /><br /><p>The revolution will not be televised... because TV is dead and no one is watching it anymore.</p> <p>And why? Because the big networks keep subjecting us to the same old, tired, processed, safe, mediocre programming. Does anyone really want to watch clone 271 of <b>FRIENDS</b>? Or how about <b>CSI: DES MOINES</b> anyone?</p> <p>Here at <b></b> our mission is simple. Be original. Be funny. <br /> </p> <p>For too long we've been subjected to the same old network drivel. Bored to tears over television because Network Executives are too afraid to take a risk when it comes the programs they allow you to watch.</p> <p>We here at <b>Zanzibar19</b> say, "Pull your balls out of your purse, Network Executives." <b>Zanzibar19</b>'s balls are out. In fact, they're in my left hand right now as I write this mission statement to you. What? It helps me think when I juggle my nuts.</p> <p>So join the <b></b> revolution with your iPods, your MySpace, your Daily Motion, your boss's broadband connections.</p> <p>So, coming soon, join us every Wednesday for our show, <b>SNOWMEN HUNTERS</b> . <b>SNOWMEN HUNTERS</b> is funny. It's lewd. It's disgusting and your mother would weep if she knew you were watching. It's our answer to what is lacking in network television. <b>SNOWMEN HUNTERS</b> so funny in fact, that we guarantee you'll drop a deuce in your pants or you get the first season FREE. That's right, at we will NEVER charge you for watching our shows. It's all FREE all the time.</p> <p>So click over to to watch SNOWMEN HUNTERS. And while you're there, check out all the other free stuff like deleted scenes, trailers for upcoming shows and me...juggling my nuts. </p> <p>So turn off your TV and turn on</p> <p><b></b> "It's not TV. It's good."</p>