Lolter Roflsom

Welcome to the extremely chaotic Zammy Brothers channel. <br /><br />Zammy Brothers in-game usernames: <br />Skimy Reign - Matt <br />Paulz21 - Paul <br />James Goku - James <br /><br />=========== Notices =========== <br /><br />Sorry James and Paul I know I made a mistake and I deeply regret it. <br />- Matt. <br /><br />Stricken preview should be out pretty soon. <br />- James. <br /><br />Started a new Rsmv, Im not gonna say what song though because I want to keep it a secret =P (Matt & James you know what song) <br />- Paul. <br /><br />Below is a list of all three Zammy Brothers current projects. <br /><br />===== <br />Matt <br />===== <br />Idea for Comedy Skit <br />===== <br />James <br />===== <br />Band:Disturbed <br />Song:Stricken <br />Time Completed: 0:45 <br />===== <br />Paul <br />===== <br />Band: Secret <br />Song: Secret <br />Time Completed: 0:35 <br />===== <br />Co-Directed <br />===== <br />Name: Somewhere I Belong <br />Band: Linkin Park <br />Time Completed: 0:45 <br />=====