Boivin, Romuald <br />You ! hates you as much as you hate yourself and You ! doesn’t swallow his words. I Hate You ! is a bit like if Schopenhauer and Nietzche went down to the dancefloor, under a huge ball of facades, desguised as Robert Smith. I Hate You ! is also the title of the new EP by You !, a duo brought to you by Romuald Boivin, parisian, graphist and a real hits machine. His secret ? Some noisy beats , melodies that give you the chills and an atomic energy, all in the spirit 100% DIY that wouldn’t have denied Beck in a Mellow Gold period. It’s that You ! likes to build things and also has a lot of humor. A sound of triangle that escapes like a wink at your first shows in pre-school or the noise of a chair that falls to the sound of the voice of José Reis Fontao (Stuck In The Sound), the « automatic singer » super inspired from the group : You ! cultivates the art of imperfection with a grace and talent out of the ordinary. On stage, with David Fontao and Douglas Cavanna (I am un chien), You ! makes the amps melt and desguises themselves in hate to make you dance better. Come on, don’t cry, You ! loves you very much too. <br /><br /> Co-produced by Kuskus and Générique Producctions and directed by Arnaud Delord, Frank Seiler and Jerome Combe, the videoclip I Hate You !, is the heart of the work of a group of friends (musicians, directors, and producers). <br />Filmed in the hype areas of Budapest thanks to the collaboration of Zsuzsi Karpati, editor in chief of PEP ! Magazine, the film needed a creative preparation (castings, lookouts..) and technical preparation(points of tracking,, camera fixed on the body). A part from the montage, the post-production lasted a month in between the tracking of the face, the modeling of the skull, it’s animation and it’s intergreatin at the Flame. <br /><br />You ! is signed by KusKus <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />