Boastful, brash, confident, arrogant – there’s only one way to fully describe Kentucky’s own Mr. Microwave…Cocky. A youthful vigor, and the absence of any shred of jaded ambivalence make the young rapper a shoe-in to be the next big thing out of – well, Kentucky. “Nappy Roots made it out of here first. I guess it’s a gift and a curse,” says Cocky – the excitement gleaming from his bloodshot eyes. “Everybody thinks we’re all country, which is half true. But the other half – we’re just like any other ‘hood!” <br /><br />Shortly after, Cocky signed to Success Entertainment, and hit the road – hard. “When I first started performing, the crowds had anywhere from two to 200 people – and I traveled for two years, performing over 300 shows – without ever getting paid a dime.” All the hard work paid off. In the time since, Cocky has performed with some of the South’s (and the industry’s) biggest names – Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, UGK, and Lil Boosie, among others. Not to be boxed in, the self proclaimed “voice of a small town hustla” has musical influences that’ll leave you a bit perplexed – that is, until you come to realize, there’s a method to the madness. “Frankie Lymon, 8Ball & MJG, David Ruffin, Nirvana, Styles P, Green Day, Beanie Sigel , No Limit – a combination of their consistency, word play, delivery, and overall musical prowess,” Cocky admires – “a combination of all my influences is what I am, and that allows me to be Cocky. My music is real, fun at the same time, and at other times far-reaching and envelope-pushing,” his natural exuberance shines through once again, as he continues: “Whereas others may have to force their creativity, I feel it comes naturally to me!” <br /><br />Cocky’s boastful rhymes are on the brink of worldwide lip-synch mania. As he tells it, “I’m probably the realest n!gga you ever came across – and if you don’t believe that, you probably believe in Santa Claus!”