This is my other fandub channel, hope you enjoy~ <br /><br />-----IMPORTANT INFORMATION----- <br /><br />Fair Use of Copyrighted Material (interpretation by youtubers) <br /><br />1. Purpose and Character of Use <br />We (people who upload fandubs with them singing copyrighted songs) are NOT doing this for any commercial purpose! We simply love to sing and listen to each other's singing, so the videos and instrumental versions of the copyrighted songs are just subordinate in relation to our own singing. Our voices add something new and give the songs a different character. <br /><br />2. Nature of Copyrighted Work <br />The most important copyrighted material we're using is the melody of the songs. We don't take the original singers' voices and say they're our own, and the animation is really just a something that supports our singing. <br /><br />3. Relative Amount <br />The amount of copyrighted material we're using is just fractional (background + music). The most important part in the movies is the singing part by the character, and that's just the part we're not infringing. <br /><br />4. Effect upon Potential Market <br />In my opinion, this point was constantly overlooked by copyright owners! <br />We fandubbers are POPULARIZING animated videos by Disney, Don Bluth and other companies! If a fandubber sings a rather unknown song, his/her subscribers are inclined to look up the original video to compare and get to know more works of the copyright owner! Fandubbers are really a free advertisement for those companies, especially to make the songs known among teenagers and adults who usually make up just a small part of the target audience.