Hello.<br /><br />WunderDaran is a co-op channel, were we post different video games, like League of Legends, Counter Strike e.t.c.<br /><br />Most of the time we will play League of Legends, cause that's the most pro game we play together. :p<br /><br />We are 2 persons, Hideidaran is one and Wunderkid is another person.<br /><br />If you want to know who we are, look here.<br /><br />Hideidaran:<br /><br />League of Legends: Hideidaran (East/North) KorosuSan (West)<br /><br />Steam: Hideidaran<br /><br />Skype: viggo48<br /><br />Wunderkid:<br /><br />League of Legends: Marialyst (East/North) Wunderkid (West)<br /><br />Steam: Cassiopeia<br /><br />Skype: simon.duus