Tom Bird

Twenty-four years ago, Tom Bird was a publicist with the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, like so many others in the world, at heart he was a writer. <br /><br />Having applied all the orthodox methods he could get his hands on with little or no results, Tom designed his own method for the writing of a book and getting it published. This system is now referred to as The Tom Bird Method. <br /><br />Within four weeks of employing his method, Tom landed a literary agent who, at the time, was the most renowned in publishing history. Six weeks later, Tom’s first book was sold to Harper & Row, then the third largest publisher in the world. The book sold for a price equivalent to three times his yearly salary as the Assistant Director of Publicity with the big league baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates. The sale enabled him to resign from this position and write full-time. <br /><br />Shortly after Tom’s first book was released, he was overwhelmed with calls from aspiring authors wondering how someone so young had done it. Tom responded to their queries by offering a series of classes at local Pittsburgh colleges and universities. Soon, word spread of the simple, direct, and effective methods he taught, creating nationwide demand. <br /><br />Over the last quarter of a century, Tom has remained committed to sharing his method with writers all across the globe. He has made over 3000 lecture appearances before more than 50,000 students at over 110 different campuses.