Worldwide Westside

HOLDING MY SHIT, STRAIGHT GANGSTA! <br /> <br />Our only aim, intent & sole purpose is to promote & highlight the Westside as a Lifestyle, to maintain the highest quality standards in terms of presence & persistance, recording & performance ethics & skills, breaking grounds & barriers, identity, innovation, creativity, talent & excellency: Worldwide! <br /> <br />We are always eager to extend & expand our non-profit organisation-network involving contributing editors to feature rehearsals/ jam & studio sessions, live concerts & private afterparties, behind-the-scenes & backstage film footage, TV performances & tours involving West Coast acts (as support acts & headliners). <br /> <br />Digital & actual promotional/ street teams material, audio, photo, video or other related, printed item or internet-linked, wear or gear, can be sent & subjected to our attention for possible mention & addition to the appropriate section of the site, pending due approval.