World Endeavors offers unique and fulfilling volunteer, study, and internship programs in communities around the world. A combination of several factors makes our programs unique:
Immersion is a key component of all of our programs abroad. While some organizations send participants abroad in a group and house them together, we provide housing with families in the local community whenever possible. We believe that living with a local family and sharing meals is the best way to feel at home in a new culture. We also provide language training for many of our programs.
Committed, caring local staff in every country:
World Endeavors hires committed, English-speaking staff in all of our countries to provide assistance and support for participants. In-country coordinators can help participants get settled, answer questions about local cultural practices, and address any concerns participants may have while abroad.
Rewarding volunteer and internship placements with local organizations: As part of our commitment to immersion, World Endeavors partners with local organizations for our volunteer and internship placements. Our volunteers are placed in projects run by local, grassroots organizations. The projects are ongoing and sustainable, and the work of our volunteers helps to support the efforts of community members.
Our internship program places interns with local and global organizations. Interns work side by side with local workers for a professionally immersive experience, practicing their language skills and learning about local business culture.
Great value: We believe in the value of international experience and we work hard to keep our programs affordable. In fact, many of our programs cost less than half of what other organizations charge. While we strive to keep our costs low, we pride ourselves on our customer service.

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