I'm the infamous Wolfee Darkfang. Furry of Peace. This is the DailyMotion port of my YouTube videos. It will mostly be videos I took within SecondLife, EverQuest2, or of my artwork. I'm a YouTube user, who's gradually branching out to various other venues. <br /><br />Please read the blogs! <br />http://blog.wolfeedarkfang.com/?p=58 <br />http://blog.wolfeedarkfang.com/?p=60 <br />My vids are being DMCAd with fake info. I own the content. The same videos are available on my YouTube account. <br />http://www.youtube.com/wolfeedarkfang <br />Proof enough I own them? <br /><br />I filed counter claims, but dailymotion has ignored them all. User tamiasthechipmunk is the person whom the DMCA filer used the information of to file the claims. Tamias is not the one who filed the claims however. It was a troll who gathered tamias's real life information. They did the same with me. So if Tamias has this problem, he already knows it wasn't my doing. He can verify he didn't file the said claims, and don't own the content. <br /><br />All this time i thought YouTube had the worst copyright support team, but it seams that YouTube is the ONLY video sharing site that has actually done something about it for this issue.