WiserEarth helps the global movement of people and organizations working toward social justice, indigenous rights, and environmental stewardship connect, collaborate, share knowledge, and build alliances. <br /><br />All tools and content are free to use. The site is commercial-free too. <br />Here you will find: <br /><br />The WiserEarth Directory <br />The world's largest free and editable international directory of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and socially responsible organizations (over 110,000 in 243 countries, territories, and sovereign islands). <br /><br />WiserEarth Groups <br />Online community forums where members can engage in discussion, post and share resources, and collaborate on projects. <br /><br />WiserEarth Community <br />A vibrant community of over 30,000 members making connections, sharing resources, solutions, jobs, and events. <br /><br />WiserEarth Taxonomy <br />The world's most detailed classification of issue areas related to social justice and environmental restoration.