William Mattar

William Mattar is a New York state lawyer that focuses on auto injury (car accident) accident cases. The law firm of William Mattar, P.C. represent those injured in motor vehicle collisions across New York state. <br /> <br />We focus on car crashes in New York, including auto accidents that involve car, motorcycle, bus, truck, and pedestrian accidents. We have a dedicated staff of professional Western New York lawyers experienced in auto accidents who know that car crash cases can be complex. Every lawyer and full-time staff member with our firm works on auto injury cases. Car accidents are what we do. <br /> <br />We have a strong team approach, which we believe better equips us to handle your auto injury case. We have experience. We have helped thousands of clients with serious-injury New York car accident cases and have worked to maximize their results. In fact, over the years we have collected millions of dollars for our clients.