Wheels for Charity is a UK Club open to anything on Wheels and to any age, andIt is free to join. <br />Our aim is to have fun showing off our wheels while fund raising for Charity at the same time. <br />We pride ourselves in donating 100% of the money we raise to our charities. <br />All we ask is for any club member attending an event with us to put in £2 per event to help with running costs of the club. <br />All our accounts can be viewed by any member on our forum. <br />As of this mounth September 2010 we are 1 year old.And let me tell you what a first year it has been.We have attended Carnavals,Truck Shows,Air Display & Car shows.Held our own event in suport of Help for Heroes.Been to wrestling events.Held Photoshoots at our home a 13Century House Hinchingbrooke House Cambridgeshire for Charity and more. <br />We like to enclude the kids in what we do,so if you want to do something worth while then why not jon us.As I said its free to join.