What makes me is a project from the Australia Council for the Arts and invites us all to think about what art adds to your lives. <br /><br />Part of the challenge is that for many Australians, 'the arts' is associated with images of snobbery and inaccessibility. We want to encourage people to see that art comes in many forms, and that school bands, amateur comedy and circus are every bit as artistic as classical music and oil painting. The 12 wonderful Australians featured in our films show the many different ways in which people can and do engage with the arts. <br /><br />We want you to show what it is that you like about art by creating your own art cube. As everyone's cubes are combined, we will gradually be building Australia's largest collaborative digital artwork. <br /><br />We want to demonstrate that the arts are a powerful agent of change in our lives: they enrich our society and make Australia a better place to live, celebrating and defining us as Australians, as communities and as individuals. <br /><br />About Wanted Digital <br /><br />The What makes me campaign has been created by Wanted Digital, the award winning team behind sites such as 12 Canoes. With decades of experience in developing the interface between people, art and the Internet, the Wanted Digital team are proud to have been involved in this campaign aimed at connecting Australians and art.