Wendy Merritt

I was born in Kenitra, Morocco, Africa many moons ago. I guess that makes me a Caucasian, African American. I am a Navy brat, a preacher kid brat and sometimes a brat all on my own :) I am the oldest of seven siblings...yes, I said 7! I absolutely love my big family. I am the oldest at 40 and the youngest is 11...that means I will be an empty nester before my MOTHER. LOL <br /><br />I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was in the first grade. My Sunday School teacher said if you prayed for anything he would give you the desires of your heart. In my child's mind, my parents were arguing and they needed God to fix them before they got a divorce. Well, it worked. They are still married after 41 years! But bigger than that my family went on to have a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ and my father became a music minister, then associate pastor and finally a pastor. God is good. <br /><br />I met Bryan, my husband, in Duncanville High School in band. He played the tuba and I played the flute. I knew from the moment I saw him that we would get married. He was just that hot! I just had to wait a while for his girlfriend and him to figure it out! LOL He did and in 1987 I married my high school sweetheart. I have been blessed with him for 20 years :* <br /><br />We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters. It has been wonderful to stay at home and raise our children plus homeschooling. Sigh, they grow up so fast. We have experienced so much together. All the little moments are what being a parent is all about. Teaching them how to fly, loving them through the process and then releasing them to do what you taught them to do. <br /><br />I am blessed. <br /><br />blessings, <br />WendyMerritt <br /><br />Twitter: WendyMerritt <br />www.themoxiemomblog.com