WealthLift.com is an Investment Education and Community Platform - www.WealthLift.com<br />Mission<br />When we began developing WealthLift.com, we were faced with a problem – how do you bring something as crucial as investment education to as many people as possible without leaving them feeling intimidated or unprepared? We therefore created an educational resource that was both interactive and assumed no prior knowledge of investing or financial concepts, so that people could jump in at any point and begin learning.<br /><br />We are strong believers in the idea that there are many different ways in which people can approach learning. We therefore offer an interactive article and educational video for each and every lesson we create, leaving it up to our users to choose how they would like to learn.<br />Description<br />We provide a no-assumptions approach to investment education. No matter what your profession may be, the ability to manage your finances and create returns on your investment are necessary skills of any individual. If you want to become better at investing or simply begin to understand the markets, go through our Free education and earn $100 starting capital with one of our partner brokers by passing our quiz.<br /><br />All the while, become a part of our investment community where you can try out your stock picking skills in a risk-free environment and gain new insights and investment ideas from other members.<br /><br />As the legendary Investor Warren Buffet once said, "investing in yourself in the Best thing you can do".