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San Francisco water damage restoration and water cleanup and repair must be done by a professional. Water damage repair in San Francisco completed by Water Damage Recovery of San Francisco is done by licensed and certified water damage restoration specialists. We have over 13 years of experience helping people do water cleanup on their home or business in San Francisco and surrounding areas. If you are currently experiencing a flood or other water damage related emergency please give us a call today.

Water damage repair in San Francisco consists of determining how much water is in your home or business. If there is a lot of standing water we use large capacity submersible water pumps to remove the water. Then we use a water extraction machine that is truck mounted to reduce remaining water. Then we use instruments to tell us how much water remains. Dehumidifiers and large fans are used to completely dry out your property to reduce or eliminate mold and mildew.

San Francisco fire damage restoration is also one of our specialties. Fire damage repair must also be completed by a professional. Usually in the case of a fire there are several types of repair required. The is the fire damage, plus left of carcinogens from the smoke as well as water damage caused by extinguishing the fire. If you need San Francisco fire damage repair and restoration please call us immediately for help. The sooner the fire damage repair is started the less the loss will be.

We also handle San Francisco mold remediation and sewage cleanup. If you have a mold problem or already know you need mold remediation we can help. Likewise if you have a sewage spill it is critical to get a sewage cleanup crew on the job as soon as possible. We can help.

We are located at:
Water Damage Recovery
601 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

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