WA Truck Wreck & Accident Injury Lawyers Attorneys <br />Do Not Lose Twice <br />Seattle | Spokane | Tacoma | Vancouver <br />YOU SHOULD SELECT GORDON & ELIAS AS YOUR TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYERS AND HERE IS WHY: <br /><br />* A real lawyer answers the phone 24/7 <br />* We obtain immediate photos, statements and crucial measurements, securing the evidence before it can be altered <br />* Only use Board Certified Doctors for our clients treatment <br />* Immediately File Suit <br /><br />When an auto is involved with a truck in an accident, one outcome is for sure: the auto loses. If you do not select Gordon & Elias as your truck accident attorneys, you could lose twice. Hiring dedicated truck accident lawyers may mean the difference of receiving tens of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars. Simply put, if you hire just any lawyers and not a truck accident law firm, you may be making a serious mistake. <br />Holding Drivers and Trucking Companies Accountable for Trucking Accidents <br /><br />Truck drivers work long hours and are often pressured by their employer to complete their tasks by any means necessary. That results in shortcuts that amount to negligence. Drivers are required to adhere to regulations involving time on the road, number of breaks, and weight of the load they carry. Under the law, a trucking company can be held liable for the negligence of its drivers. <br />Washington Trucking Accident Attorneys <br /><br />At Gordon & Elias L.L.P., we represent Washington residents on a contingency basis. There are no initial, out-of-pocket expenses to you. We manage your case while you focus on recovering from serious trucking accident injuries caused by: <br /><br />* Rear-End, Head-On Crashes and Jackknives <br />* Poor Maintenance, including Tires and Brakes <br />* Dangerous Roads <br />* Driver Fatigue <br />* Unsecured Loads or Unsecured Cargo <br />* Aggressive Driving or Improper Lane Change <br />* DWI / Drug Use <br />* Lack of Reflectors and Poor Visibility <br /><br />Experience and Resources to Mediate or Litigate Your Trucking Accident Claim