There is Always room for Better -_0 . I created a website in which I post what I know about Attitude Evolution . This is how I call what is known as Personality Improvement and Self Development . I wanna change the world by people's will while doing what I like and I'm good at . I invite you to go to my website , enter your E-mail address and press Follow . Everything is FREE and Don't Worry , you won't see a lot of overwhelming E-mail's that will make you delete the or unsubscribe from that website , unless you feel you don't need them anymore . <br />Brian Tracy sayd "your Life gets better only when you get better" , so make a try to see how it really is . Many people's lives is on moving sands , Attitude Evolution mentors just give them a rope tied to a tree . I was anxious , sexual obsessed , bloody violence thinker , masked myself to avoid bullies , but I haven't commit suicide ; not because of the "therapies" from experts who gave me nothing else but relaxing drugs for a lot of money from someone who didn't had a lot of money . Which philosopher , psychologist or other person in this whole world ever sayd that on interviews , books or seminars ? Would you refuse a little effort to change your live ?