WOTW Crew was created and lead by myself from early 2007,after having enough of being around a few clans in a few different games. Our deepest roots are from the unfinished,released half finished Vietcong2 game,also the funniest MP custom voice menus ever. (Not the best graphics though) Its definetly a cult classic upon today,as some hardcore fans still try and keep a dead community alive. WOTW Crew got torn to pieces from the inside out,just because the leaders in charge faced several real life obsticles to sort out underway. And the younger players lacked both patience and loyalty to be arsed to stick around. So WOTW Crew right now,is me myself,and my trusted "IC for years now,Conan and his son wich teams up with me every now and then. We are starting to grow roots in Arma2,APB Reloaded,yeah even in console we have bashed up together in COD Ghosts,COD MW3 and GTA Los Santos. <br /> <br />I do hope we can build a strong Crew again,but its no rush theese days. We enjoy eachothers company,and gambling with more youngsters in the Crew,isnt something i look forward to lol. We are adults,so it might actually be better if we found some abit up in theyr twenties and older,that is easy to be around,just having fun. We base ourself mostly on coop games,but as written,multiplayer modes do occur lol.