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WINEWARE® is a company of rare and quality wines founded in 2001. Expanding in France and abroad by means of franchises, the firm has 5 executives jobs ’ staff and 16 partners who are all experienced in the business.

WINEWARE® is only three years old but plans to move that number up to 600 scores in Europe over the next few years.
Laurent FORNAIRON, founder of WINEWARE®, said : " Due to our wine french touch and settlement, our market knowledge, our co-branding and expertise policies, WINEWARE® concept is highly exportable. A good example is given by our Belgium masterfranchise. Last year, thanks to their settlement, we added from abroad more than 46 % visitors to the French site and have obtained enquiries concerning our “worldwebwine” business. The task we’ve set ourselves for 2004 to 2010 is to establish overseas, our brand as an international destination for both french and foreign wine franchisees and wine retailers and our franchise business model with a program of 120 franchises openings (400 units in the Europe) before the end of 2010...
Masterfranchising is a relatively easy way for a company to consolidate it’s presence in another country : WINEWARE®, worldwide, worldwine. So we expect from masterfranchisees to work closely together, to get local expertise and use their knowledge to adapt the product to the local market.They must also have some logistics capability meanwhile WINEWARE® deals with wine sourcing and network developments and boosts "...

Promoting its own sales network, WINEWARE® SAS is a merging start-up able to establish partnerships in the wine, wine accessoiries and others trade fields (products, services, technologies) through a global network integrating producers (B to B), distributors (B to C) and consumers (C to C) through internet functional resources and media appliances (wineware, software, skypeware,...).

Wine sourcing, Management of International brands, networks and resources : WINEWARE® is about to launch the first Winetranet® in one of the first sourcing countries for wines in the world with european development funds (FEDER).

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