Dian Parmionova

"The World Promised Protection,Let’s Keep That Promise." WERI CAMPAIGN <br />How you can help ? <br />http://www.community.ninemillion.org/WERICAMPAIGN <br /><br />In Australia, Australia for UNHCR is the national association dedicated to fundraising and the promotion of UNHCR's work worldwide. Their website can be found on http://www.unrefugees.org.au, <br /><br />How you can Contribute ? <br />Make a donation. <br /><br />International donors can make donations on the UNHCR's donations website. <br /><br />JUST BECAUSE <br /><br />US$50 <br /> Registers 150 exhausted refugees in order to assess their needs and trace their families. <br /><br />US$80 <br /> Provides an all-season tent to shelter a family of 5 from the elements. <br /><br /> US$100 <br /> Puts a survival kit, which includes necessities such as blankets, and a cooking & heating stove, into the hands of a refugee family <br /><br />US$200 <br /> Pays for an emergency health kit to treat the injured and sick. <br /><br />US$500 <br /> Sinks two wells to provide clean water for refugees. <br /><br />US$1,000 <br /> Provides a therapeutic feeding kit, which helps feed 100 children. <br /><br />- http://www.unhcr.org.au/donate.shtml