VUNK band was launched in 1999 under the name of Vank, names consist of the members (Victor, Alex, and Nicu Cornel). <br />The band's first concert took place in October 1994 with ZOB Ion Creanga Theatre. After a long enough break in 1999, is launching four single independent, shortly go on to become TV station Atomic anthem. <br /><br />Members <br />Cornel Ilie, Nicu Sarghe Bogdan Crucianu, Gabi Maga <br /><br />Find us on Facebook: <br /> <br /><br />Booking: <br />Sublime Romania - Cristian Stan <br />Email: <br />Tel: +40745.997.945 <br /><br />PR: <br />Red Carpet Media - Alina Buleanu <br />Email: <br />Tel: +40741.225.427 <br /><br />Online Manager - Adrian Ulmeanu <br />Email: <br />Tel: +40723.439.835