"As a solo project with a revolving door of influences including MGMT, David Bowie and Lou Reed, Voodoo Child has finally arrived on the mainstream platform and her electro- synth, underground indie approach to music will not push this lady from the empire she has created. The avant- garde artist shared a common love of provocative lyrics, heavy bass and haunting harmonies with the producers at Abbey Road Studios, London and each song from the long- lashed performer's debut album shimmers with it's own diamond- hard compression of elements connecting with unusual and unconventional indie pop structures. The debut album distills the essence of the past and promises of the future... <br /><br />"Kids are going to inherit their parents music collections and maybe in twenty years time people will listen to those aesthetic, scratched- up, 30th generation files and say 'I love that sound'." Play Studios, Soho, London