Vonne Monai

I am an American Mulatto.<br />My Mother is Cherokee & Seminole (tall, yellow, black kinky hair, (Bette Davis) brown eyes, pretty.<br />My Father is Italian American (tall, rock star skinny, curly blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes, incredibly handsome.<br />I am 5'7", 100 lbs., Size Zero, Brown Eyes, Curly Black Hair<br />Professional Actress, Model, Composer, Artist & Poetess<br />My name is pronounced vonnie monay<br />I have created hundreds of original musical compositions, but due to the excessiveness of the Organized Criminal Gang Stalking I have to endured on a constant basis; I have only 60 songs and only 60 poems copywritten.<br />I also have not had the time to even present my work in a professional manner.<br />I figured I would present it raw since these creatures think they can erase me and my life. They are lowlives who think they can make their outrageous "frame ups" stick.<br />I am a victim of child pornographers, sadistic rapists, kidnapping, forced breeding & sex slavery. I am still stalked by these slanderers. I will tell anyone who will listen until I have justice. I am so fed up with them that I have begun to names names.<br />These brute beasts twice dead (A New Teatament description of these creatures) ought to thank me for sharing their actual "Accomplishments" Crimes.<br />I think it is all about the land that was stolen from my family.<br />Tropicana Orange Juice is on it in Bradenton, Florida, USA.<br />These posts are designed to disrupt the Zionists/Jewish, Papist/Catholic Inquisitors & Willie Lynch Slaves/Blacks , Third World/Illegal Aliens attempts to commit The Genocide of True Americans!<br />Stop American Genocide!<br />http://www.worldvisionacts.org/acts/stop-american-genocide