Connecting Volleyball Players and Fans Around the World! <br /><br />Why a Volleyball "Tribe"? <br />The dictionary defines "Tribe" as - a class or set of persons, esp. one with strong common traits or interests. And as a "family". That's what are here, a family with a strong common interest: The love of all things volleyball! <br /><br />Why does VolleyballTribe exist? <br />Volleyball Tribe's purpose is two-fold: <br /><br />1. To be a free social network for volleyball players and fans (or the merely curious); <br />2. To be a premium educational resource and idea exchange within the volleyball community. <br /><br />For the second part of the mission, Volleyball Tribe will host webinars, training opportunities and produce educational materials in the weeks and months ahead. Plus, we'll have in-person events. Fun events!