VoiceTV, The first Thai news station on Dailymotion <br />http://www.dailymotion.com/VoiceTV <br /><br />What is Voice TV? <br />Voice TV is a new breed of cross-platform media company that creates and distributes contents which inform, enrich, and inspire the new generation. <br /><br />Our Vision <br />Voice TV believes in two-way communication and our fully integrated television broadcast channel and online platform along with social network such as Facebook and Twitter make that possible. We want to be the place for knowledge and trend where the new generation can freely express their opinions within their community. <br /><br />How is Voice TV different? <br />Voice TV website ,Voice TV on mobile phone and Voice TV satellite work together to connect young adults with what is going on in their world through an unique blend of professional journalist and viewer participation. We offer programming and content that is authentic , surprising and consistently compelling. The multi broadcasting channels will catch up with the new generation in anywhere and anytime.