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Dear Homeopaths and prospective students of Homeopathy,
This presentation of the E-Learning Program is constructed with the idea to offer you the gist of my knowledge and experience which I gathered all these 50 years I am practicing and teaching Classical Homeopathy.

Such knowledge derived from a careful analysis of cases I have been treating and the feedback from their follow ups.

This process of prescribing always one remedy at a time gave me the possibility to discover new laws pertaining to the “Levels of Health” of the individuals, all of which are explained in this E-Learning Program.

As most of you know, all my cases were taken in the presence of several medical doctors who observed also the subsequent results of the treatment.

I offer this "live" knowledge to the profession with the hope that will be appreciated in the right kind of spirit, forming a solid forum on which future generations will step on to go further and higher.

With my deepest wishes for an inspired way in healing with Homeopathy,

George Vithoulkas
Right Livelihood Award 1996 ('Alternative Nobel Prize')

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