Visual Alliance Media is a strategic alliance of two "quietly prominent" Tampa Bay companies, Bastion Home & Business Services and Childhood Productions. The two companies, successful in their respective market segments are "quietly prominent" in that they are not yet widely known -- but those who have worked with them know the value that they bring and the quality of the products and services that they provide. The strategic alliance is focused on delivering video production services primarily to real estate agents to market high-end real estate listings. Given our group’s dynamic skill set and tenacity, however, we are also offering video production services to other local business owners who are interested in the relationship-based approach and quality, cost effective solutions that we provide. <br /><br />Visual Alliance Media leverages the strengths of both companies. Bastion’s access to and deep relationships with real estate agents in the local market and other local business owners are complemented by Childhood Productions’ high quality videography and production services. The combination allows the two groups to fill a need in the market that, to date didn’t have many quality alternatives.