I, Dr.Purushothaman, a Surgeon by Profession is currently focusing on the practical aspects of our daily Life. <br />What I am going to present is a Fusion and Synthesis of age old Vision and Wisdom with New age knowledge in all areas of Life(Applied or Scientific Spirituality ) aiming at Human Perfection, Excellence, Creativity, Ethical values, Harmony, Happiness, Wellbeing and Universal Peace & Love - The real state of Human Well Being. <br /><br /> With this Vision and Mission, I am working on a Novel Mind programming Technology (Psycho technology) aiming for a Radical Positive change, in our Life, in the days to come. <br /> Presently, I am working as a Surgeon as well as a Positive Psychologist, Life Coach, Mentor, Master Mind Programmer, Motivational Speaker, EFT & NLP Practitioner. <br /> Centre for Human Perfection is a Centre par Excellence for Mind Programming and Research, Applied and Scientific Spirituality & other Practical Life Themes. <br /> We are having regular Programs, aiming at Human Perfection, Excellence, Creativity, Ethical Values, Harmony, Positive Health & Well being (Including Stress Management), Quantum Healing, Art and Science of Meditation, Authentic & Everlasting Happiness, Universal Peace and Love.