Al Coritz

I've been catching snakes since the 1960's and keeping venomous since 1973. After living in States that prohibit private individules from keeping venom snake I finally live (again) in a place that so far allows captive keeping on venomous reptiles. <br /><br />These video's cronical the lives of my captive snakes and their care. Keeping these WILD animals is never as easy as it looks, therefore the videos contain footage of when thing don't go according to plan. This is in hopes that people considering this dangerous hobby from thinking twice about the undertaking and just how difficult it can be some days that make me wonder why I do this too. My misson is to not only entertain but to educate people about these animals and how they behave. The late Steve Irwin brought many of these dangerious animals into living rooms around the world. Steve & Terry did more for the conservation and understanding of reptiles than anyone before them. However, with that said, you'll not see me messing around "freehandling" any of my snakes or letting them touch me with their tongue. I use all of the tool of the trade to insure my safety and the safety of my specimens. Some of my specimens have "names" other than their common or scientific names. Most of them have been gived to them by others, not me. I gennerally do not give them names because they are not PETS, yes I'm fond of them but I you want a pet, get a cat or dog. <br /><br />Bites by these snakes constitutes a serious medical emergency with possible outcomes ranging from serious disability to death. Handling them not only requires certain skills and knowledge of the species but EXPERIENCE handling venonmous snakes in general and should be left to those that have these basic ingredients. Florida, has the best program available to not only ensure the keepers survival but those around them too. Requiring 1000 hours documented experience (sort of an apprenticeship), good, safe/secure hosing that provides for the general welfare of the animals. <br /><br />Best Regards, <br /><br />Al Coritz <br />