Vim Viva

My name is Vim Viva. I am an artist and teacher, active in the field of visual arts as a fine artist, illustrator, concept artist and creative thinker. <br /><br />I love sharing my working methods and techniques, and I have been teaching, training and coaching young and professional artists since 2001. <br /><br />I am passionate about teaching the mental processes that ignite inspiration and creativity. My main goal is to empower students to achieve their unique artistic vision, through their creative expression. <br /><br />I believe that art and technology have always been interrelated, but never more than they are now. The digital media make it possible to work directly with light, shaping it in fluid and intuitive ways, creating at the speed of thought. I actively explore this position in my C.E.T (Creative Expression Technologies) seminars, which focus on the use of digital media in visual arts.