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At VDA (Viewer Discretion is Advised) we pride ourselves on bringing you original and entertaining programming. Yes as you may have seen from our previous work, our shows tend to be quite insulting, loud, pointless, filled with foul language, racial slurs, and sexual references, to name a few. It's been quite a long break since those previous programs and we've been hard at work at living our lives. I can't say we've matured during the time off we've had, because I'd be lying. What I can say though, is that we are back and with a whole new concept.

Home of "The Guy Code"

A Mockumentary/comedy drama, that will explore exactly what guys think. In other words this will be an indepth look at the codes guys create and follow when it comes women. I warn you now, it will be uncensored and most probably filled with foul language.

To get access to news and updates about what we're working on as well as the ability to contact us directly, click "Like" at the top of the page.

Cast of "The Guy Code"

Jay - Jamie Morabito. He is also the drummer for the band Black Tie Affair.

Giro - Oreste Giro. He is also the basest for the band Black Tie Affair.

Joe - Joseph Pucci is the writer/directer and creator of The Guy Code series

Matt - Matthew Pallotta. Info coming soon

Pete - Peter Chrissicos. Info coming soon

Big Vin - Info coming soon

More coming..

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