Video Language Network is the unique Internet company offering downloadable video podcasts for acquiring “real world” English communication skills. <br /><br />At Video Language Network we believe that foreigners can improve their spoken English by watching and listening to authentic English conversations. The company’s video lessons consist of interviews with native English speakers. The unique feature of the lessons is language teacher, Anita Evans who guides the viewer at every stage of the lesson. These interviews form the basis for English lessons that target various aspects of the English language, from idioms to phrasal verbs. The topics of conversation vary widely from doing business in a foreign language to the art markets of Europe. <br /><br />Another great feature of this site is that learners can download these lessons on their computers, MP4 players and cell phones. <br /><br />For each full-length lesson there is a 3-minute mini lesson. These “minis” are designed for a quick lesson in English when you are on the go. So you can have a quick English lesson on the bus, on the subway, on an airplane or in a hotel, wherever and whenever you want. <br /><br />Video Language Network is a great tool for teachers too. Teachers will find that our video lessons, with the accompanying support files, are great material for their classes, covering all levels of English. <br /><br />In today’s world, spoken communication is key and speaking some degree of English is an essential tool for doing business in a global economy. So, forget the tedious grammar lessons and memorizing silly dialogues. Video Language Network can get you there! <br /><br />Visit our website, and check out the many interesting topics and points of language that Video Language Network has to offer.