Edin Brbovic

Daily GAMING Fix , it's part of Video Games Galaxy , i made this specific channel to give you a daily dose of your gaming needs , on here you will find variety of walkthroughs and video games and on top of that , this is the only channel that does Tributes Musical Editorials for Video Games , this means that you will see variety of Video Games Musical Tributes .<br /><br />Dailymotion it's a perfect place for creativity and editing of Videos , and it's the reason why majority of my videos will be only on Dailymotion , you won't be able to see them on Youtube , Only here on Dailymotion are you gonna be able to see some cool Video Games Tributes and Walkthroughs .<br /><br />I hope to see you all here , and the support is very much appreciated it , cause it helps this channel be active up and running <br /><br />you can also find me at "Steam Valve Games " <br /><br />http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198037532616/<br /><br />Playstation Network: Edo79 <br />Xbox Live : Edo79 <br /><br />Thank you , very much for visiting my channel <br />Edin.B