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Mount Vernon, United States
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What Drives Us ?

Just like us, you’re unimpressed and disappointed with all the other e-card services out there. In fact, if you see another flash animation with cutesy characters wishing you a canned, saccharine “happy birthday” or “congratulations on your promotion”, you’ll promptly X-out and walk away from your desk in disgust, right?

Remember when sending e-cards used to be fun? So do we. That’s why we’ve loaded Fantasy Video Greetings with e-cards that titillate, resonate and give you that “OMG, check it out!” dynamic lacking in so many other electronic greeting sites.

We started Fantasy Video Greetings to allow family, friends, lovers, haters, wannabes, frenemies, enemies and even ex’s the opportunity to send and receive fresh, customizable video e-cards with effortlessness you’d expect and a “wow” factor you’ll love.

Welcome to Fantasy Video Greetings. All of the other e-card sites – with their instantly forgettable dialogue and low-tech graphics – have been officially put on notice: from this day forward, e-cards will never be the same!

What We Offer

Our customizable, high definition videos feature some of the hottest female models delivering greetings so sexy, so witty, and so mesmerizing you won’t believe it’s just an e-card. Fantasy Video Greeting’s female models have been featured in everything from Maxim, FHM , Hawaiian Tropic, Playboy , Stuff Magazine to TV commercials and music videos. Our male models (arriving in 2010) have appeared in such magazines as Men’s Health, GQ, and Health & Fitness.

We know videos aren’t the only thing that our customers want, so we’ve hooked up with a variety of professional writers to contribute to a humorous men’s lifestyle blog on the main site. These hilarious blogs match up with the topic of each e-card and provide a killer job of fleshing out our fun, sexy themes.