VCRS is an independent organization helping to provide fans with access to a variety of hard to find music videos. These clips are painstakingly captured, edited & if need be audio remastered. As a result they often represent an alternative &/or better quality version than that of the original source. <br /> <br />The clips we select for sharing are only the surface of what we have on file but are primarily selected for one of the following reasons: <br /> <br />a) They are currently unavailable for retail purchase in an official digital format &/or have (as is usual) been omitted or substituted with crappy “live” versions on any so called greatest hits release! <br /> <br />b) The ?official release or compilation DVD the material originates from has been manufactured by a cheap DVD authoring company and is of such poor audio quality that your ears bleed & your expensive subwoofer is rendered virtually useless! <br /> <br />Either way, as our name suggests, “We REVIVE them!” <br /> <br />*Note: It is anticipated that subsequent exposure of this rare material will have a two fold effect; <br /> <br />i) It will allow long suffering fans a chance to relive memories through the neglected & at times disrespected music that transpired their lives. <br /> <br />ii) Provide a modern medium by which a whole new generation of fans will be born unto these classic artists. And yes Mr Record Company executive that means free promotion, increased exposure & potential subsequent investment into the products you actually do have for sale! Think about it ;-) <br /> <br />We also (obviously) specialize in VHS To DVD transferring, DVD authoring & providing artist's and fans alike with high quality material for embedding to websites etc. Feel free to contact us for more details.