GENERIC GIRL is a new comedy series following Gillian (a closet comic nerd) and her roommate Pete (aka Captain Freelance) as they battle villains, bureaucrats, and one mysterious machine.

"Everyone Wants Her Box"

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CREATED BY Victor R. Solis and Steven Itano Wasserman


Alexandra Olson as Gillian Romero

Matthew Bohrer as Pete Kirby / Capt. Freelance

Richard Hawkins as Dr. Mascalzone

Sarah Ho as Brunhilda Mascalzone / Hildy

Johnny Skourtis as Hank / Frank / Hank Sr. the Henchman

Robert Amico as Deus Ex Machina

Ryan Salazar as Crown Prince Stacey

Matthew Farhat as Sgt. Catharsis

Kristin McCoy as Miss Mayhem

Christy Keller as Angelika Doom

Jordan Preston as Maj. Thunder

MoMarcellus Robbins as Tank

Darcell Hoover as Mercedes

Jade Nicole as Lexis

Nataly Peña as Candy

Sarah Roberts as Persia

Rochelle Roepke as Charity

WRITTEN BY Victor R. Solis & Steven Itano Wasserman and Aaron Hartley

©2012 Hachitan Entertainment, Inc.

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Generic Girl - Ep. 1: Exposition! (comedy series)

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Generic Girl - Ep. 1: Exposition! (comedy series)
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