GENERIC GIRL is a new comedy series following Gillian (a closet comic nerd) and her roommate Pete (aka Captain Freelance) as they battle villains, bureaucrats, and one mysterious machine.<br /><br />"Everyone Wants Her Box"<br /><br />Credits and Blog -<br /><br />Face Us -<br /><br />Tweet Us -<br /><br />Mail Us -<br /><br />-----------------<br />CREATED BY Victor R. Solis and Steven Itano Wasserman<br /><br />-----------------<br />STARRING:<br /><br />Alexandra Olson as Gillian Romero<br /><br />Matthew Bohrer as Pete Kirby / Capt. Freelance<br /><br />Richard Hawkins as Dr. Mascalzone<br /><br />Sarah Ho as Brunhilda Mascalzone / Hildy<br /><br />Johnny Skourtis as Hank / Frank / Hank Sr. the Henchman<br /><br />Robert Amico as Deus Ex Machina<br /><br />Ryan Salazar as Crown Prince Stacey<br /><br />Matthew Farhat as Sgt. Catharsis<br /><br />Kristin McCoy as Miss Mayhem<br /><br />Christy Keller as Angelika Doom<br /><br />Jordan Preston as Maj. Thunder<br /><br />MoMarcellus Robbins as Tank<br /><br />Darcell Hoover as Mercedes<br /><br />Jade Nicole as Lexis<br /><br />Nataly Peña as Candy<br /><br />Sarah Roberts as Persia<br /><br />Rochelle Roepke as Charity <br /><br />-----------------<br />WRITTEN BY Victor R. Solis & Steven Itano Wasserman and Aaron Hartley<br /><br />©2012 Hachitan Entertainment, Inc.<br />