Jacques Delorme

I currently run THREE sites: <br /><br />http://visportsnutrition.ca<br /><br />Nutrition is the cornerstone of an athlete’s training and can account for as much as 65 – 70% of the eventual outcome. What foods are involved and when they are eaten can make a big difference in getting the expected results. We investigate the foods that you need and help you establish a proper nutrition plan.<br /><br />http://visportsyouthtraining.com<br /><br />Youth athletes have a very different set of needs when determining the type of training they should be involved in. Too many coaches use adult training techniques that could do more harm than good to a child’s development. We take a closer look at youth resistance training, training techniques, motivation and supplements.<br /><br />http://bodybuilderforum.biz<br /><br />Weightlifting is perfectly safe for youth athletes when given the proper instruction and guidance. This site is dedicated to the education of those interested in serious training with weights. Several teen bodybuilders are involved with the site to talk about their experiences and to help others to learn about the sport.<br /><br />My name is Jacques Delorme and I am the founder of ViSports. I have been around sports for over 30 years as a player, official and a certified coach in baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and wrestling. <br /><br />As a part of my coaching, I didn’t always stress proper nutrition. When my son started taking his training more seriously (and eventually play on the Junior National Handball team), I gathered up to date information on sports nutrition to get him to make the most of his efforts. <br />Once information is completed in late 2012, I will be releasing a new nutrition book and training materials that will be available on my sites.<br /><br />“Teach and guide our youth before the lessons they learn by trial and error alone render them incapable of reaching their true potential.”<br /><br /> “Opportunities are never lost…<br />someone will take the one you missed.”