Yes it seems they have almost deleted <br />Fuck it:P <br />I am going on another site you will find it soon! <br />----- <br /><br />Ejj viewers my name is Ely and i live in the Netherlands in a place called Deventer <br /><br />I am 15 years old and go to school like every normal kid... <br />but I like a lot of Anime pics i when i come home from school i really feel like to drawn a Anime girl with a sword or a ninja or something like that.. <br />i reallly like to drawn them. <br /><br />I kinda watch Dragonball Z or Dragonball every week and i am a HUGE fan of the Dragonball Z Alternate Reality Series <br /><br />My hobbies are: <br /><br />Drawning Anime. <br />Going out with Friends <br />Gaming <br />and MSN.